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If your carpet wouldn’t look dirty would you vacuum it? Probably not. Sadly, when people look in the mirror and don’t see any obvious visible signs of stains on their teeth, they assume that they are clean enough.

If only they knew what hides on the surfaces of the teeth despite visibility! Millions of bacteria cling on our teeth and live in our mouth. The untrained eye usually won’t even notice plaque buildup on the teeth. Luckily, nowadays there are some products that can help to uncover plaque that used to be hard to see, such as plaque disclosing tablets.

But what is a plaque disclosing tablet?

Plaque Disclosing Tablets

A plaque disclosing tablet is a chewable tablet that contains a safe dye that adheres to plaque buildup in your mouth to more easily visualize the plaque on your teeth.

After few times of using this product, you will be able to detect the most common places for the plaque to build on in your mouth and in that way more effectively clean your teeth.

How do they work?

Watch this short clip to find out!


Safe for Kids!

Not only are plaque disclosing tablets safe for children but it is a fun tool to use to interact with dental hygiene and motivate your children to brush better.

The visual effects of the tablets can be fun and entertaining for the kids to participate in.

Where to find Plaque Disclosing Tablets

You can easily find plaque disclosing tablets in local pharmacies. You can also find a lot of options online of chewable tablets on Amazon.

There is another option that is mostly used by hygienists and dentists. It is a liquid dye that is easily swabbed on the teeth with a q-tip in order to detect the plaque. It is a matter of choice which consistency you prefer.

If you have any questions about plaque disclosing tablets or solution, feel free to contact us at Jeevan Ghatnekar DDS. Prevention is the key to avoid tooth decay and other more serious problems related to your oral health. Don’t wait any longer and call us to schedule your routine checkup and dental cleaning today: (949) 552-1380.