Oral Cancer Screening Irvine

Oral cancer is a serious cancer of the mouth and can even prove fatal if left untreated. Oral cancer can appear on your tongue, lips, inside of your cheeks, and on the roof and floor of your mouth. While sometimes there are no symptoms, oral cancer most often manifests itself in unusual white and red patches inside of your mouth. To prevent and diagnose oral cancer, we are pleased to utilize OralIDâ„¢ as our choice of oral cancer screening devices.

OralID is the first oral cancer screening device that utilizes fluorescent technology to detect abnormal, pre-cancerous, and cancerous cells inside of your mouth. It is simple and easy to use. Dr. Jeevan Ghatnekar, our accomplished dentist, wears the OralID glasses and shines the handheld light into your mouth. The blue light emitted, when seen through the glasses, changes the colors of the cells inside of your mouth based on their health. Healthy cells shine green, while abnormal or cancerous cells appear dark. By using OralID, we can detect and diagnose oral cancer before it fully forms and early enough to provide the best treatment options. Screening for oral cancer in Irvine, California saves lives, and we look forward to providing this service to you during your dental cleanings and exams. For more information, please contact our office today.