Patient Testimonials

“I decided to go to Dr. Ghatnekar because he is my mom's dentist. I had braces when I was younger but did not wear my retainers after so my teeth became crooked again and I had one tooth that stuck out so far because I had gotten it pulled and it grew in funny. I am 21 years old and a senior in college and no longer wanted my teeth to look like that. I went to my original dentist for this problem and a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills. They did not take the time to sit down with me and explore all options like Dr. Ghatnekar did. They just suggested I get invisalign which would take up to two years to completely fix my teeth. Being in my last year in college I did not want to have clear braces on my teeth with attachments that you could see. It was not until I met Dr. Ghatnekar that he really sat down with me, studied my case, and gave me a list options for my situation. We decided on doing veneers and I could not be happier. He really achieved the impossible with my teeth. He got the one that stuck out to be completely align with the others and straightened the rest of my teeth perfectly! I will never go to another dentist again other than Dr. Ghatnekar even though I live an hour away from him. He's the best! Would recommend him for anyone.”

Jenna L

“Been going to this dental office for over 25 years. Originally was owned by a good friend, Dr. Feld, who sadly passed away. However, over the past several years I have found Dr. Ghatneker to be very kind and truly concerned about my dental care. When I have had an emergency I can reach him on his personal cell phone which is unusual for dentists. His staff are very friendly and professional. They also try to get me early am appointments which allows me to not miss work. I am not sure what their prices are in comparison to other dental offices, but unfortunately for me they are not "in networik" for my Principal Dental Plan and so my costs are higher than other dentists that are in network. Even with the added expense I continue to go to this dental office because of all the reasons stated above.”


“Excellent service on extremely short notice! I just arrived in in town with severe tooth pain and without knowing me, Dr. Ghatnekar scheduled me in for the next day. After receiving treatment, Dr. Ghatnekar called me several times over the weekend to follow up and make sure that the pain was fully gone. He is also very careful and makes an effort to explain things very clearly. Overall great experience at the dentist!”

Dave Y

“Seriously the best dentist in Orange County. The staff is amazing! I never thought I would say this, but I actually look forward to my dentist appointments!”

Paul B

“This is without a doubt one of the finest service businesses I've been fortunate enough to patronize. Dr. Feld created a wonderful dental practice that offers cutting edge dental care, in a top notch office with the BEST staff you could ever hope to work with. In over ten years, I have never had anything but a great experience. From the office staff, to the hygienists and assistants to Dr. Ghatnekar himself, everyone makes you feel like the most important customer they have. I cannot recommend this business more highly!”

Josh L

“I had got a tooth extraction done from him. This is the first time I got a tooth extraction from him. In the past I had extractions of my tooth, by other dentist, but it was very painful after the procedure. Excellent service and caring I received from Dr Ghatnekar. The way he took out my tooth, very impressive and caring way, I did not feel any pain or pressure. After the extraction, I had no swelling or discomfort. Also he had called me multiple times to make sure I am doing okay. My whole family is his patient, we appreciate and thank him for an excellent job.”

Atraye B

“Long term relationship, major work done with very little discomfort especially since I have low pain threshold, the Dr has soft hands, excellent bedside manner, great follow-up after procedure, genuinely cares, knows latest procedures, excellent support team”

Brad C

“Great place and genuinely nice people that help you from their hearts. I love the televisions on the wall and ceiling so you forget that your getting your teeth worked on because you get to focus on something else. I drive miles to go here. I can not seem to change because I am so happy here. Y'all should go check it out...”

Stacy S

“Wow, what an incredible experience. When I found myself on the west coast, I decided the 5 hour round trip drive was well worth it to visit Dr. Ghatnekar in Irvine. I was immediately greeted and shown to my treatment area when I arrived. I was then offered several pillows and was even able to choose which channel I wanted to watch during my treatment. Although I find dentist visits stressful, Dr. Ghatnekar and his staff made this visit feel like a spa day with a side of dental work! I will definitely will be returning.”

Shilpa G

“I have been going to Dr. Ghatnekar for years, and he is by far the best dentist around! He fixed a crown that was giving me problems which 3 other dentists couldn't fix. I've never had any pain during or after his procedures. If you can get him as your dentist you're very lucky!”

Dan E

“I am over-the-moon happy with my experience with Dr. Ghatnekar and his amazing team! Several years ago, I had the worse dental experience and it took years for me to have the courage to go back. Thankfully, I was referred to Dr. Ghatnekar and his team and now I have healthy teeth. I appreciate their care and concern for my well being and comfort during cleanings and treatments. They are sensitive to my needs and go above and beyond to make me feel safe and comfortable. In addition, Wendy, the Office Manager, is such a loving and delightful person who makes billing and dental insurance a breeze. Hoy, the Dental Hygienist, is also an expert at what she does and the sweetest person. I highly recommend Dr. Ghatnekar and his team for your dental needs. ”

Rachel A

“Dr. Jeevan is a great doctor and he really takes care his patients with professionalism and expertise.”

Jenny Y

“I have been going to this dental office for the past several years since it was purchased from a good friend who is a dentist but passed away.

The doctor was smart enough to keep the prior staff which made me comfortable remaining with him. It was a wise decision
He truly cares about his patients and he provides his home phone number in case of emergency. His staff is amazing. 'Julie and Wendy are always on top of things. Recently I had a problem with my gums and Hoy dental hygienist worked on me for two hours and I ended up in a little pain for a day but then my gums looked tremendous and all the bleeding stopped. They are on the high-endin terms of their pricing and sometimes my dental insurance doesn't cover a majority of the cost but worth every penny”

Paul W.

“I recently just got my wisdom tooth pulled out! The whole process has been a breeze! Dr. Ghatnekar and his team have never stopped to amaze me! I have always been afraid of the dentist but ever since visiting Dr. Ghatnekar- I know I will be in great hands. I have been visiting his office for about 3 years and I am so happy! Thank you to you and your team! I also have to shout out Wendy and Dr. Hoy! Thank you for such a positive experience.”

Paola K

“I had gum surgery that transformed my smile and I love how it turned out! The procedure was quick and painless and the staff were very professional and friendly.”

Maia C


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