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What is Periodontics?

Periodontics is a dental specialty that deals with inflammatory disease affecting the gums and other structures and tissues that support the teeth. Periodontists focus on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease and also deal with putting in dental implants. Dr. Jeevan is experienced individuals who are the best at what they do and will give you the best dental care possible! Dr. Jeevan is highly qualified with years of training beyond dental school, making them experts in treating periodontal disease.

Normally, you only need to visit the dentist to ensure good oral health, however, if you think you have signs of a gum disease such as inflammation or bleeding; consult a periodontist immediately. Periodontists begin the diagnosis by checking for the recession in the gum line, the patient’s bite and whether there are any loose teeth. Periodontists determine gum health by placing small probes in the spaces between the teeth and the gum (periodontal pockets). At certain times, X-rays may be required to determine signs of any disease.

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We provide top-quality periodontal care

Since certain treatments advised by periodontists can be invasive; it is imperative that they have detailed histories regarding a patient’s medical and dental care. Also, certain medication can affect oral health and patients who are suffering from heart disease or diabetes requires special care so periodontists will always ask patients their medical histories.

We provide a myriad of services; such as scaling and root planning, root surface debridement and certain regenerative procedures such as the reversal of lost bone and tissue. Periodontists are also trained to perform surgical procedures, if required, on patients suffering from severe gum disease. If you think you are suffering from any gum disease; be it gingivitis or severe periodontitis please consult with a dental professional today to get a diagnosis and begin treatment immediately.

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