Month: August 2022

Reasons Why Salt Water Gargle Is Your Friend

Aug 30, 2022

One thing that you must have heard your grandparents say is to gargle with salt water solution in case of sore throat. This used to be more of an old wives tale; however, scientists now back up this theory with various studies. Apart from sore throat, there are other reasons to incorporate this mouth rinse […]

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Are Those Blisters In Throat Herpangina?

Aug 15, 2022

Blisters are bubble like protrusion on the skin/tissue surface containing fluid. Usually, blisters appear in a circular shape with clear or bloody liquid underneath them. These fluid-filled blisters can grow on any body part, including the throat. Usually, it is a source of pain and discomfort widely seen in conditions when one suffers from a […]

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