Month: October 2022

How to Clean a Night Guard? — Do You Need Special Cleaning Materials?

Oct 30, 2022

Do you wake up every morning with persistent pain in your jaw? If you do, you’re most likely suffering from bruxism, a condition where people tend to clench or grind their teeth. Nonetheless, to prevent this from occurring every night, dentists recommend getting a night guard. As helpful as that is, when it comes to […]

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The Healing Process of Dental Implants: What You Should Know

Oct 15, 2022

One of the biggest decisions, probably, is getting a fake tooth drilled inside your jawbone. Dental Implants are excellent alternatives for those suffering from tooth loss or other severe dental issues. However, as amazing as this procedure is, it’s the healing process that requires time and patience. So, whether you’ve just gotten an implant screwed […]

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