Month: February 2023

What Hurts More – A Tooth Extraction Process or Dental Implant

Feb 28, 2023

Dental implants are the best route for removing that gap because of your missing tooth. If you think that getting an extraction or a dental implant hurts, you are mistaken! As a matter of fact, neither of the two are painful procedures, although slight discomfort is a given. Let’s check out why. Does A Tooth […]

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Does Bone Density Loss Affect Your Chances of Getting Dental Implants?

Feb 15, 2023

Losing a tooth can not only take a toll on your mental well-being but does severe damage to oral health as well. You might suffer from bone loss if you do not replace missing teeth with an alternative like dental implants. Can You Get Dental Implants With Bone Loss? Yes! You can take advantage of […]

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