Month: July 2023

Dental Implant Guide 101 – Best Ways To Prepare For Your Surgery

Jul 30, 2023

Every day seems like years till D-day, right? Well, it is best to use the time on hand and prepare for your dental implant surgery. In this comprehensive guide, the process of getting dental implants is explained in detail for you. Step-Wise Preparation Breakdown Step 1: Comprehensive Dental Examination The journey begins with a deep […]

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Dental Implants and Gums Swelling – How Long Do They Last?

Jul 15, 2023

Dental implants are revolutionary when it comes to restoring your smile and confidence, lost due to missing teeth. The process is painless; however, the healing stage is what you should know about. Take this blog as a guide to the ins and outs of dental implants; you will find your answers related to swelling of […]

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