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Dr. Jeevan Ghatnekar, DDS

Dr. Jeevan Ghatnekar is a General dentist in Irvine, California and specializes in restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry and pediatric Dentistry. He has a fondness for helping individuals with special needs and those with severe anxiety when visiting the dentist. He has been practicing dentistry for over 35+ years and is a member of ADA, CDA, Academy of General Dentistry and Orange County Dental Society.

Dr. Jeevan Ghatnekar is a friendly, experienced dental professional who is committed to giving you a healthy beautiful smile in Irvine, California. At our office we provide excellent care for our patients in a technologically advanced setting by staying informed about the latest dental procedures to promote optimum quality of care. Additionally, we stay informed about the latest dental procedures and technology in order to perform accurate diagnoses and create highly effective dental treatment plans. At any time during your dental visit, if you get nervous, please let us know and we will make every effort to make your visit very comfortable. We provide warm neck pillows, blankets and headsets to all our patients.

In his practice, Dr. Ghatnekar focuses on every patient as an individual with unique needs and concerns. He invests time in educating his patients about the dental procedures needed, using intraoral camera, drawings, and explanation. We have large screen TVs in each treatment room to show your mouth condition.

Dr. Ghatnekar is continuously taking continuing education courses to learn advances in dentistry. He takes different classes often to improve himself to serve his patients, involving dental implants, restorative care, Invisalign® aligners and other aspects that involve the dental practice. He completed his Implant dentistry Maxi Course from Loma Linda University in 2008. Recently Dr. Jeevan and his team attended a course on Fast Braces whereby the patients needing Orthodontic treatment can have the treatment completed in his office in as little as 10 months.

Dr. Jeevan and his wife, Dr. Neela Ghatnekar who is also a Dentist, have been married for over 30 years. Together they have two adult daughters who practice Law and Medicine. Dr. Jeevan enjoys walking, hiking and cooking.

It is his goal to help patients have a healthy smile and stay healthy. He takes the time to make patients at ease and make them feel comfortable receiving our high quality dental care.

Dr. Ghatnekar uses digital X Rays with Thyroid collar, Intraoral camera for diagnoses and patient education. He offers warm neck pillows and liquid paraffin wax hand treatment, blankets and TVs in every treatment room.

Our Team

The Team at Irvine Family & Implant Dentistry provides quality dental care to patients in the Irvine, Lake Forest, Tustin and surrounding area. They focus on a comprehensive approach to oral health by educating and treating patients and helping them stay healthy in between visits. We listen to patients, helping them feel comfortable and relaxed. Jeevan Ghatnekar takes the time to connect with each person and give them the thoughtful attention they deserve. You will notice this right from making an appointment, filling out paperwork, and your meet and greet with the Doctor.



My name is Tamara, and I moved here from Northern California two years ago after managing a dental office for 20 years in Nevada City. I’m thrilled to join with Dr. Ghatnekar and staff in providing excellent dental care for his patients. When I’m not at the office, I enjoy spending time with my family as well as reading, walking, biking and gardening. I have found that living in Irvine is a pleasure where the weather is perfect and walking trails are abundant.



My name is Mina. I am a Persian American and moved to the US in 1998 and currently live in Irvine. I started dental assisting in 2006 when I was in Chandler, AZ, moved in 2016 to California, and have been working with Dr. Ghatnekar ever since. Spending time with family and hiking whenever I can is what I enjoy.



I’m My-Tien (Me-Tee-en). I graduated from University of the Pacific with a Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene in 2010. I believe in flossing and brushing the teeth you want to keep 🙂 Preventive treatment is the key to improving oral and systemic health and I am happy to help you improve/maintain your oral health!

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