Bone Graft In Irvine, CA

Aesthetics of Smile
Missing teeth not only affect the aesthetics of your smile, but they also cause bone deterioration over time. At Irvine Family & Implant Dentistry, we provide quality services to restore your overall oral health. Our dental expert, Dr. Jeevan Ghatnekar, specializes in multiple dental procedures; he wants you to have a healthy and stable jaw. We provide a safe bone graft in Irvine, CA, to ensure you can qualify for dental implants and have sufficient bone mass

Types of Bone Grafting Procedures

​Our dental team will evaluate your mouth and determine which type of bone grafting procedure is right for you. You can consult our knowledgeable dentists, who will address all your queries regarding the procedure. We usually recommend bone grafting when the CT scans show extensive bone loss. Here are the different types of bone graft procedures:

1. Autogenous Bone Grafts
When the bone grafts are made from your own bone taken from the lower leg bone, skull, hip, or another part of the body, it is called autogenous bone graft or autograft. They are effective since the procedure involves your own bone that contains the living cellular elements required for stimulating bone growth, and there is a low risk of the body rejecting the bone graft materials. Our dental specialist will make sure you are in excellent condition and have a stable jaw!
2. Allogenic Bone Graft
We also perform allogenic bone grafts, in which the bone material is harvested from a donor. Allogenic bone usually serves as a framework over which surrounding bony walls grow, filling the void.
3. Xenogenic Bone
The third type of bone graft is one where bone graft is derived from a non-living species, generally a cow. It also serves as a framework for the surrounding bones to grow and fill the defect. When you visit us for bone grafting in Irvine, we will proceed with the most suitable procedure depending on your condition and other factors.

Benefits of Bone Graft at Our Irvine Practice

We prioritize the care and health of our patients. When you visit our practice, our experts will pay you dedicated attention to ensure you receive optimal care. A dental bone graft could benefit any individual suffering from weak jaw bone due to gum disease, dental trauma, missing teeth, or any other reason. Our bone graft surgery in Irvine, CA, helps qualify you for dental implants and other restorative treatments as well. This way, our specialist restores your jaw to its stable form.

When You Need a Bone Graft

We might recommend our bone graft treatment in Irvine for patients who have significant bone loss. Not everyone qualifies for the procedure, though. Therefore, our expert professional might recommend the procedure in the following cases:

  • Your tooth extracted.
  • Replacing a missing tooth with a teeth implant.
  • Rebuilding the jaw prior to dentures
  • Going through bone loss due to periodontal disease

Look Forward to Optimal Care!

At Irvine Family & Implant Dentistry, we offer quality services to help you attain a healthy and beautiful smile. When your jaw experiences bone loss for any reason, our expert will be here to help. With our bone graft in Irvine, CA, you can look forward to strong teeth. Call us now at (949) 552-1380.

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