Mouthwash has long been known for its ability to neutralize bad breath. However, despite its effectiveness, a refreshing swish post-tooth extraction is not the right way to move forward. But why is mouthwash not suitable to use after tooth extraction? Let’s find out.

A Brief Overview Of Mouthwash

Mouthwash is a solution that helps maintain oral flora. They are available in both alcohol and non-alcohol variants; you can choose the latter as it does not cause dry mouth. They have antibacterial properties and odor-neutralizers.

Is Using Mouthwash Safe After Tooth Extraction?

Using mouthwash immediately after a tooth extraction is a big no. The rule of thumb is to not use mouthwash at least 24 hours after extraction. Why? It can disrupt the formation of a blood clot that is crucial for healing.

However, instead of using a regular mouthwash, opt for warm salt water rinse in your mouth a few times every day. Its antibacterial properties promote a clean environment for healing.

But why the aversion to mouthwash post dental extraction? Alcohol is the culprit. It is a common ingredient in many mouthwashes that can lead to the drying up of the tooth extraction site and, eventually, dry socket. During the delicate healing process, steer clear of anything that might hamper your journey to recovery.

Post-Extraction Caution: What to Steer Clear Of?

Your dentist may have given you a comprehensive list of the dos and don’ts post-tooth extraction. These often include abstaining from hot liquids, resisting the constant urge to chew or suck on gauze, and, most importantly, refraining from mouth rinsing within the first 24 hours. However, fear not! An alternative exists in the form of a saltwater solution.

Why Is Saltwater Solution The Best Mouthwash After Tooth Extraction?

It is understandable to be meticulous while brushing after tooth extraction. Caution is exercised to not dislodge the blood clot formation post-surgery. But that does not mean you leave your mouth for bacteria to play. Saltwater rinsing is here to save the day. Consider this holy grail as an alternative for brushing. This simple yet effective practice maintains cleanliness around the socket, promoting optimal healing.

Other than that, the function and performance of saltwater solution extends beyond mere cleanliness. They create an environment for bacteria that is unsuitable for bacteria to live. Regular use ensures infection prevention and guards against post-extraction complications, making it valuable in your journey to recovery.

Closing Note

Mouthwash aids oral care routine, but you must use it cautiously. If you want to learn more about the use of mouthwash or post-tooth extraction care, make that dental appointment as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to contact our expert, Dr. Jeevan Ghatnekar, a member of ADA, CDA, Academy of General Dentistry at Irvine Family & Implant Dentistry, to provide you with top-notch services for all your dental needs. Our experienced staff can help you find relief. To book a consultation, just give us a call at (949) 552-1380.

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