Tooth Extraction, Irvine, CA

We know you don’t look forward to losing your tooth, but sometimes, it becomes a necessity. There are multiple factors — decay, wisdom tooth, gum disease, infection, injury, etc. — that might result in the tooth extraction procedure. By pulling your tooth, your dentist might actually be saving you from additional dental issues. Hence, you need an oral surgeon you trust when undergoing this treatment. If you are looking for tooth extraction in Irvine, CA, our door is always open.

What is Tooth Extraction

What is Tooth Extraction?

A dental extraction procedure involves the removal of one or more teeth. Our dentist will ensure you feel comfortable when performing this procedure. Although it sounds frightening, tooth extraction in Irvine can actually help preserve your oral health. We opt for this treatment when no other procedure resolves the issue. Our gentle and safe approach will not let you experience any discomfort.

The Two Types of Dental Extraction Procedures in Irvine

Tooth extractions are of two forms, simple and surgical.

When the visible teeth need extraction due to decay or severe damage, our dental specialist will perform a simple tooth extraction. This procedure involves losing the tooth with forceps and removing it once the surrounding structure allows it. This might sound painful, but the treatment is performed under local anesthesia. Thus, you are not likely to feel a thing! The tooth will be out before you know it, and you can look forward to improved oral health.

There are some cases, however, where our dentist might opt for a surgical extraction. Impaction, a tooth broken at the gum line, or teeth that cannot be removed easily will require surgical dental extraction. For surgical tooth extraction in Irvine, CA, our oral surgeon will gently cut and pull back the gums. This step will help them gain access to the concerned region, allowing them to clearly see the tooth. You will not feel discomfort throughout the procedure as it is performed under local or general anesthesia. Even if you do start feeling pain, you can inform your dentist, and they will tend to it immediately.

The Dentist’s Instructions for a Safe & Healthy Recovery

You will have an empty socket in the mouth after the procedure. Like any wound, this tooth extraction hole will need special aftercare to heal properly. Our dental team will guide you on the proper tips after your dental extraction in Irvine. Your tooth extraction recovery instructions might include the following tips:

  • Compressing the cheek near the extraction site with a cold pack to reduce swelling. Use the cold compress constantly during the day for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Keep biting on the gauze our dentist will place on the area for three hours until you see it soaked with blood.
  • Take the medications our oral surgeon prescribed.
  • Don’t participate in activities that require suction, like using a straw.
  • Refrain from smoking while your extraction point is healing.
  • Make sure your head is elevated while you sleep or lie down; it helps promote proper blood flow.
  • Don’t brush the affected region in the first 24 hours. Ask our dental specialist when to continue brushing.

Affordable Tooth Extraction in Irvine, CA

When your dental health starts to fall apart, Irvine Family & Implant Dentistry is here to put it back together. Our expert team puts their best efforts into giving you pain-free, effective treatments. With our affordable tooth extraction and skilled specialists, you are in good hands with us. Get started on improving your oral health today by giving us a ring at (949) 552-1380.

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