Dentures in Irvine, CA

Missing teeth can be a cause for embarrassment. This is why we bring affordable dentures in Irvine to ensure everyone has a beautiful smile! Our specialists can make dentures customized for your needs. Once you meet our team, you can expect improved dental health!
What are Dentures

What are Dentures?

Dentures are a teeth replacement option for those who have lost their teeth and the surrounding tissue. Our dentist will take the jaw impressions and measurements to create a set of fake teeth that’s a perfect fit for you. If you live in Irvine, dentures give you a confident smile. Plus, it helps you eat and chew with reduced discomfort.

When you visit our dental office in Irvine, you will have the choice between partial and complete dentures. Partial dentures are ideal for those missing only some of their natural teeth. But if you suffer from severe tooth loss with no teeth left to attach a partial to, we’ve got you too. As your trusted dental service, we provide complete dentures for those who have lost all of their teeth.

After your tooth removal, we will place immediate dentures in place. During this time, the gums heal. Sometimes, there are alterations in shape and size, which require adjustments in the immediate dentures. Then, our experts will attach complete dentures when your gums are ready. We have the best treatments for your dental issues!

What Happens When You Get Dentures in Irvine

Dentures are an excellent choice if you’re not a suitable candidate for dental implants or bridges. Our skilled dentist will take impressions of your gums and teeth to create dentures. After we receive the impressions, we will call you in again to place the prosthetics.

We will guide our Irvine patients throughout the procedure. Once you get your dentures, our dentist will instruct you on how to care for them. You can always drop by our office or contact us in case of any issues or discomfort.

Caring for Your Dentures

Dentures help restore your smile; hence, they require a lot of care. Since you don’t have your natural teeth anymore, you’ll need to pay extra attention to dental care and hygiene. Every night, remove your prosthetics before sleeping. This way, your gums will have some time to rest without dentures.
You can consult our dental specialist on what cleaning your dentures should involve. One thing’s for sure: you’ll need a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub them on a daily basis. Moreover, our dentist will suggest you rinse your mouth every day if you’re a dentures wearer. This is because when you allow water to wash over your gums, food debris and plaque rinse off. By following our dentist’s advice, you can reduce the risk of infection and other dental problems.

Looking for Affordable Dentures in Irvine?

The goal of our dental office is to provide you with a comfortable, safe experience. This is why we offer solutions to your oral health issues to eliminate the discomfort. So when you lose some or all of your teeth, visit Irvine Family & Implant Dentistry for the best dentures in Irvine. You can also talk to us at (949) 552-1380.

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