Do not worry if you have missing teeth because dentures are here to save the day. It doesn’t matter why you lost your teeth, be it an infection or an accident; these structures have you covered. However, you must take care of them to take maximum benefits. Stay with us till the end to learn how to clean your dentures in 10 easy steps properly.

How To Clean Dentures – 10-Step Guide For You

  1. Remove the dentures from your oral cavity and rinse off any loose food or debris.
  2. Fill your sink or basin with warm water and add a denture cleaning solution.
  3. Place your dentures in that solution and let them soak in.
  4. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush or a denture brush, gently scrub them on both sides. Be careful to not put too much pressure, as this can cause damage to them.
  5. Rinse your dentures thoroughly; run them under water to remove everything, even the traces of the cleaning solution.
  6. Now, using a denture cleaner tablet or powder, scrub them on both the inside and outside surfaces again and soak them.
  7. Rinse the dentures again under running water to remove all traces of the cleaner.
  8. Gently brush them with a toothbrush to remove any remaining plaque or tartar.
  9. Rinse them one more time with water.
  10. Place the dentures in a denture soaking solution or water overnight to keep them moist.

How often should you clean your dentures?

Daily. It’s crucial to clean your dentures every day to remove plaque to prevent bad breath. Proper cleaning of your dentures will also help to remove any food particles that may entrap in the denture material.

In addition to cleaning your dentures daily yourself, it’s a good idea to visit your dentist or dental hygienist regularly for professional cleanings.

Your dentist will check the dentures for any wear and tear signs. Then, clean and polish them.

Why Is Denture Cleaning Important?

Denture cleaning is important for several reasons, such as:

Oral hygiene: Just like natural teeth, dentures harbor bacteria and plaque, which can lead to bad breath and gum disease if not removed. Cleaning your dentures daily helps to remove these bacteria and prevent oral health problems.

Staining: Dentures discolor over time, especially if they come into contact with certain foods and drinks which have pigmentation. Regular cleaning helps to remove surface stains and keep your dentures looking fresh and white.

Freshness: Clean dentures will smell fresher and feel more comfortable to wear.

Longevity: Proper cleaning and care extend the life of your dentures. If you take care of your dentures, they will last longer, and you will not have to replace them as frequently.

Final Words

It’s important to follow the cleaning instructions your dentist gives. Our in-house dentists from Irvine Family and Implant Dentistry provide extensive cleaning techniques with the dentures to ensure that they are well-maintained. Dial (949) 552-1380 to connect with us. We are proud to serve patients from all nearby communities, including East IrvineWestparkOrchard HillWoodburyShady Canyon, and Northwood.

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