The dream of having the perfectly white Hollywood smile is all fun and good thoughts until it is time to discuss dietary restrictions. If you are expecting an extensive no-go list, don’t fret, the list is not extensive, although you have to steer clear from some items like coffee or tea, but what about that salmon on your plate? Can you eat it post-teeth whitening? Yes, absolutely!

How Is Salmon a Safe Option to eat After Teeth Whitening?

Usually, after you are done with the teeth whitening session, you may find yourself asking questions about what you can and cannot eat after this procedure.

But what makes salmon a safe bet? Well, it has low acidity and sugar content, making it an excellent choice to eat, which is safe for your teeth. Not only is it easy on your enamel, but it also provides it with a punch of protein and nutrients that help it move forward toward an optimal healing journey.

Watch Your Cooking Technique!

While salmon is a teeth-friendly choice, the way you cook it can change a lot of things. Techniques such as grilling or smoking may increase its acidity, leading to teeth staining over time. Opt for either baking or poaching it for maximum benefit.

What Else Can You Eat After Teeth Whitening?

But you can’t possibly just eat one thing, right? Well, the good news is there are various other treats you can delve into.

  1. White Cheese
    Who does not like this great snack? You can enjoy it after teeth whitening, too, as it does not contain any kind of stain-leaving pigments. Moreover, it has great nutritional value as well; consider it a powerful source of calcium, which helps keep your teeth strong.
  2. White Rice
    If you are up for a full-fledged meal, boiled white rice is a great choice; packed with carbs to provide energy and keep your body functioning properly.
  3. White Pasta
    White pasta is another great food to eat after teeth whitening. It doesn’t contain any colors that can stain your teeth, and it’s a good source of carbohydrates. Enjoy it as a side dish, in a casserole, or as part of a pasta salad.
  4. White Bread
    Another one from the white family that you simply can’t miss; the bread. It has no colors, which means no staining, and a rich source of carbohydrates.
  5. Chicken
    Boiled chicken with pepper and salt is the next meal you can easily indulge in. It is a good source of protein and filling too. Bake, sauté, or boil it with seasoning – it is always a hit.
  6. Eggs
    A great way to add calcium and a fan-favorite breakfast option. Try scrambled eggs with some fresh veggies for a healthy start to the day. Or you can also prepare egg salad or omelet.
  7. Milk
    If you do not want to eat anything immediately, a glass of plain milk will be beneficial for your freshly whitened teeth.

Closing Note

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