One thing that you must have heard your grandparents say is to gargle with salt water solution in case of sore throat. This used to be more of an old wives tale; however, scientists now back up this theory with various studies.

Apart from sore throat, there are other reasons to incorporate this mouth rinse into your daily routine. Let’s discuss the benefits of using salt water gargle.

Benefits of Gargling With Salt Water Solution

Salt water solution works as a natural alternative to an antibacterial rinse, making it suitable for use during the sore throat.

You must know that there is no sure shot “recipe” or perfect ratios of salt to water to make this mouthwash. Simply take 1 part salt in 2 parts water (warm or cold), dissolve the crystals, swish, swirl, and spit.

Lowers Inflammation:

The main reason for sore throat is inflammation due to a triggering factor, including sinus infection, allergies, cold, etc. Salt water gargle neutralizes swelling, and pain helps soothe the throat region.

Balances pH Levels

Gargling with a salt water mixture helps neutralize the throat acids, which are mainly due to bacteria in the oral cavity. Moreover, this solution functions to maintain a healthy pH in the mouth and prevents the growth of unwanted bacteria, consequently working as an antibacterial. This is a beneficial property that helps in avoiding mouth infections such as gingivitis.

Additionally, salt water gargle also combats fungal infections (Oral Thrush), which is a menace to deal with.

Clears Nasal Congestion

Daily gargling with salt water solution once or twice every day helps to break up the mucus buildup in the respiratory canal and nasal cavity. The concoction successfully manages to reduce inflammation and relieves the soreness and pain in the throat. Moreover, it helps in bacteria and virus removal, which, if not treated, can lead to congestion.

Salt Water Gargle and Tonsillitis

Tonsils are present on the back side of the throat. In some instances, they inflame, and that condition is known as tonsillitis. The saltwater solution has a dual action on this, it lowers inflammation and kills bacteria to ease the symptoms.


Halitosis is a condition when a person suffers from bad breath. Two main reasons for this issue are: firstly, dry mouth and, secondly, bacterial buildup.

Gargling saltwater instead of your regular mouthwash can significantly increase saliva production by stimulating the glands, and eliminate bacteria too.

Mouth Ulcers

Ulcers are quite discomforting as they grow in soft tissues; the pain is excruciating. In such a case scenario is best to wash out your mouth with a saltwater gargle to reduce bacterial load as well as swelling and inflammation.

How to Use Salt Water Gargle:

Firstly, prepare the mix by dissolving salt in water. Now, tilt back your head and take a large gulp and start swishing and gargling for 30 seconds; make sure the water reaches your mouth, teeth, as well as gums before spitting.

However, you must understand that this is not a magic potion, so just one sip will not do the job. You must repeat this method until your cup is empty. Moreover, repeat the set every 4 to 6 hours until your soreness subsides.

Final Words

If you feel that there is no difference in the condition even after using this concoction for a week, it’s time you get your oral issue checked by a dentist. Why don’t you visit Jeevan Ghatnekar, DDS, a trusted dentist in Irvine? We can surely be of help. Call (949) 552-1380 to make an appointment.

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