Root Canal Therapy, Irvine

No matter what you like or dislike, there’s one thing everyone fears: tooth pain! And dentists have an additional reason to hate tooth pain — they give root canals a bad name. Although there are multiple reasons your tooth might be hurting, decay and infection are among the common ones. Our endodontist can help you get rid of the discomfort with their expert root canal therapy in Irvine.
The Real Side of Root Canal Therapy in Irvine

The Real Side of Root Canal Therapy in Irvine

Many people associate root canals with pain when all it does is eliminate the discomfort. Our root canal specialist in Irvine, CA, helps reduce the painful symptoms of infection and decay with this treatment. To do so, they will put you under anesthesia to ensure you don’t feel any pain. Then, they perform the procedure to remove bacteria and infected pulp, bringing an end to your discomfort.

Simply put, the root canal therapy itself does not hurt — it’s the symptoms of infection or decay that cause the pain. All this procedure does is remove the source of your pain.

When Do You Need a Root Canal?

You don’t need a root canal every time your tooth hurts. So, how to know if you need a root canal? Our specialized dentist will determine what treatment your oral problem requires.

When cavities go untreated, they only get worse. With time, the decay will invade your tooth’s pulp, infecting it. Since this area contains blood vessels and nerves, it can be a painful experience. This is why our endodontist offers root canal therapy in Irvine, saving your tooth from pain. Other than this, we treat many individuals who need a root canal due to a cracked tooth which allows bacteria in the pulp.

Our specialists save your tooth with a root canal treatment, so you don’t have to undergo extraction or suffer from other dental issues. Hence, consult us if you suspect you need a root canal. Apart from pain, you could have:

  • Inflammation in gums
  • Increased tooth sensitivity to extreme temperatures
  • A bad odor on your breath
  • A bump or pimple on your gums, also known as an abscess
  • Color change in your tooth or surrounding gums
  • Tooth pain or soreness when biting down

Our skilled team will get to work immediately to reduce the symptoms. After you visit our dental clinic, your tooth pain and other dental issues will be long gone.

When Do You Need a Root Canal
There’s More to Root Canal Treatment Than You Might Have Thought

There’s More to Root Canal Treatment Than You Might Have Thought

Once the root canal treatment in Irvine is done, improved oral health awaits you. Endodontic therapy doesn’t only eliminate the pain; there’s more! Our endodontist uses their skill and knowledge to provide you with the following benefits of this procedure:

  • Restores your tooth, saving you from tooth loss
  • Preventing the neighboring teeth from getting infected
  • If your tooth is severely damaged, we will place a crown after the root canal. This helps save the aesthetics of your smile
  • Keeps the jawbone from degenerating
  • The procedure is painless and shields you from undergoing painful treatments

Your Experienced Root Canal Specialist in Irvine, CA

Your dental and oral health issues might be intense, but our effective treatments can eliminate them. So when you need root canal therapy in Irvine, our team has what it takes to resolve the issue. Irvine Family & Implant Dentistry always prioritize your oral care. Take a step to save your oral health by dialing (949) 552-1380.

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