Your smile says a lot about you. A white and bright smile is always in style and can make you more confident and feel good about yourself. You must steer clear of many things after the process to maintain the results, one of which is smoking, but does the same apply to vaping as well? Let’s find out.

Why Vaping and Smoking Are A Big NO After Teeth Whitening?

Smoking and vaping are both frenemies of your oral health, especially regarding teeth whitening. The first few hours post-whitening are crucial, and you should be extra careful not to eat or drink anything that can stain your teeth.

This process makes your enamel porous and open so that whitening chemicals can do their magic. That is why the chemicals present in the vape can cause high levels of damage to your teeth.

Vaping and Zoom Whitening

If you are wondering about taking a hit after getting your teeth whitened, you can do it after 48 hours, but it will still pave the way to teeth staining.

It is not advisable to rush into smoking and vaping in particular, though. You must wait for at least 24 hours before lighting up. The components present in cigarettes, tar, nicotine, and gum are unphased to whitening treatments. In fact, after the procedure, the enamel is weak and may react worse.

Tips To Maintain Teeth Whitening Effects Post-Procedure

Once you are through with teeth whitening, do not think that things end right there; as a matter of fact, your part starts as soon as you get off the dentist’s chair.

Teeth whitening does not last forever; therefore, you must follow post-procedure instructions to maintain the pearliness of your freshly done teeth.

  1. Do not Have Stain Producing Food Or Beverages
    For the love of white teeth, steer clear of beverages like coffee or tea because they contain strong pigments that can leave brown spots on your teeth.
  2. Steer Clear Of Smoking
    We have made it this far through the blog and know better the reason behind this statement. There are already a hundred reasons to quit smoking; this one is added to the list.
  3. Adequate Dental Hygiene
    Practicing good oral care is one way to make sure that your teeth are squeaky clean and will remain bright. Brush after every meal, and floss at least once. For better results, add whitening toothpaste and a soft toothbrush.
  4. Appropriate Hydration Level
    Take your water intake seriously; hydration is the key to a healthy mouth and body. Stains do not stand a chance when you are keeping optimal hydration levels.
  5. Regular Dental Checkup
    Skipping dental visits means that there are chances of bacterial buildup in places that you miss. Regular visits involve deep dental cleaning. The dentists are equipped with tools that can easily target hard-to-reach areas.

Closing Note

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