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When a confident person walks into the room, they immediately grab everyone’s attention. What if that person was you? With our professional teeth whitening service in Irvine, we aim to give you a bright, pearly, and confident smile. After examining your teeth, we will choose the best teeth whitening treatment for you. You’ll walk out of our office with a pearly smile!
Get Familiar With Professional Teeth Whitening

Get Familiar With Professional Teeth Whitening

When stains and discoloration dull your smile, professional teeth whitening can help brighten it up. In this procedure, our team will use the best and most effective treatments to help you smile with confidence. After teeth whitening in Irvine, CA, you will notice a prominent difference. One of the best aspects of teeth whitening is that you have multiple options to choose from. Furthermore, each treatment shows different results. Our team will guide you on the procedure so you can make an informed decision!

How Professional Teeth Whitening in Irvine Works

Although there are multiple alternatives to whiten your teeth at home, nothing comes close to the results of a professional treatment. Our Irvine teeth whitening team will use a gel consisting of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. When we apply this gel to the surface of your teeth, it gets to work by breaking up the stains. This way, you have less concentrated stains, and a whiter smile after the procedure is over.

Whitening strips, toothpaste, and other treatments might brighten your smile temporarily — but our teeth whitening treatment will show instant results. You’ll leave the dental office feeling the power of your lasting, pearly smile!

If you are not up for professional teeth whitening, you can even ask your dentist to make you your own teeth-whitening trays.

Why In-Office Teeth Whitening is the Best

Apart from being a professional treatment, teeth whitening in Irvine shines brighter than any other alternative due to various reasons. Once you receive our whitening treatment, your smile will look ten times lighter than before. The dramatic change from a dull to a bright smile will boost your self-confidence. And, when you feel confident, others will naturally notice you.

With the now-enhanced smile, there’ll be no more embarrassment or hiding in the crowd for you. Plus, you can bid farewell to those photo filters since your teeth are enough to make you attractive. Our team will ensure that when you leave our office, you feel confident in your smile. Because with a whiter smile, brighter opportunities await you!

Now that you have an opportunity to look forward to a bright and confident smile, you’ll actually pay attention to maintaining it as well. In short, professional teeth whitening in Irvine gives you the push you need for oral care. This is because no one wants to lose their perfect smile. Hence, you will brush and floss on time. Also, steering clear of teeth-staining foods and beverages won’t be so difficult. After all, the promise of lighter teeth is so close!

To top it all off, the benefits won’t be temporary — professional teeth whitening is durable and lasts for a long time. Therefore, with proper care, you can rock a pearly smile for months, if not years!

Looking Forward to a Pearly Smile?

At Irvine Family & Implant Dentistry, your dental health is our priority. We want you to leave our office with a smile. This is why we offer the best professional teeth whitening treatment in Irvine. When you make an appointment with us to brighten your smile, we deliver with our best efforts. So what are you waiting for? Call us at (949) 552-1380 and smile confidently!

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