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Testimonials about your experience in Dr. Ghatnekar’s Irvine Dental Office help us improve our Services to better meet your needs. We value our patient’s opinions, and we strive to provide the best care possible. Thank you for your time posting your testimonial.

Thank you Dr. Ghatnekar for starting my braces!

I appreciate the way you explained every step to me, and how gentle you were while working on my teeth.
My overall experience was very comfortable physically and mentally as i got to watch Netflix while laid back and knowing exactly what was happening in my mouth as the braces were being placed. I greatly appreciate the friendly atmosphere starting with Tamara at the front desk along with Dr.G and his assistant! Thank you all for helping me feel comfortable and getting me started on straightening my teeth!

Raquel C.

My experience was very positive.

Dr. Explained my procedure thoroughly, took as much time as I needed, to answer all of my questions, and did not rush. I was very pleased with the services he provided.

Patricia A.

I was looking for a good dentist who could take out my wisdom teeth and I went to two places in LA but I only have school insurance and I had to pay the rest out of pocket and I drove all the way from LA to OC for Dr.Ghatnekar and I do not regret my decision at all since the prices were very affordable as a student!
I was very scared of the procedure but it was a very easy procedure and I even mentioned to them that I thought it would be a lot different!

The whole process was very smooth and easy with no pain and the service and the employees are very very nice and polite and caring.

I just wanted to thank them for a great experience!

Setayesh M.

Best dentist in OC

Seriously the best dentist in Orange County. The staff is amazing! I never thought I would say this, but I actually look forward to my dentist appointments!

Paul C.

5 stars every step of the way!

Our family has used this dental office since the day Dr. Ghatnekar moved his practice to Irvine. We have referred family and friends, and we ALL agree that Dr. Ghatnekar deserves even MORE than 5 stars! The office is extremely clean; he and his staff are skilled and well trained in the latest technology. The staff is organized, warm and encouraging, and so prompt in handling every detail from scheduling to insurance claims to follow up calls whenever I have questions about anything relating to my care. Dr. Ghatnekar did extensive work on my teeth (extractions and implants) and then placed a beautiful bridge, which he personally designed using cutting edge technology in conjunction with a high quality lab. If you are nervous about having ANY kind of dental work done, THIS is the dentist that you need to see! I gave him 5 stars every step of the way!

Tricia H.

I got my beautiful smile back

I went to Dr. Ghatnekar after a bad experience with my previous dentist. I had a crown that my previous dentist did for me and I wasn’t satisfied with the result. The crown looked off and I didn’t like it, so I told Dr. Ghatnekar and he listened to me patiently and asked multiple questions to know what exactly I don’t like about the crown. He then took some measurements and told me what my options are, what he will do to fix the crown, and make it match the other teeth in shape and color. I felt so comfortable with his solution to fix the crown and I was right…the result was very satisfying and I got my beautiful smile back. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ghatnekar to everyone and would like to thank him and his friendly staff for their services.

Layan D.

Amazing Service!

I took my daughter here today and the service I got was amazing! The prices are very reasonable and the care was beyond great! The assistant, Ms. Mina, was very caring and gave my daughter a blanket and warm pillow plus ice packs for the pain. The Doctor did an amazing job and did a detailed job with checking out my daughter’s teeth. He even made sure to call us several hours after to check up on my daughter and ask about the level of her pain. Even though it was a hard procedure my daughter didn’t have pain whatsoever.

Saeideh M.

You will love your whole experience

Dr. Ghatnekar is amazing, he deserves more than 5 stars !!! You will love your whole experience with him!!

From calling in to make an appointment his office provides amazing service and support they make you feel welcomed and wanted. They don’t bombard you with questions about money like other places, they actually care about their patients teeth and well being. The office is super clean and organized and from entering the office you are greeted by smiles and an amazing atmosphere.

Once you see the doctor he talks to you makes sure you understand everything and most importantly that your comfortable !! He extracted two wisdom teeth from me and I was so nervous and scared but he calmed me down and made me relax. I never felt any pain at all and even if I got a weird feeling while he was working he would immediately stop and make sure i was ok. He really did an amazing job and even after the anesthetic wore off I still didn’t feel pain because of how gentle he was. Dr. Ghatnekar cares about his patients because he called me later that day to make sure I wasn’t in any pain after the meds wore off and the next morning. He is truly a remarkable dentist and I cant wait to go back to him for all my future dental work !!

Nazy T.

Dr. Ghatnekar and his staff are a wonder.

I have been afraid of going to the dentist for years, but a friend recommended Dr. Ghatnekar and since finding him and his team I have my confidence back and don’t feel afraid anymore when I have to go for my appointments.

Rose M.

Dr. Ghatnekar is an outstanding dentist and has an excellent bedside manner.

My first visit to him was for an extraction. The process was painless all the way from injecting the anesthetic to suturing the bone graft in place to final recovery. He followed up after hours on the day of the extraction and on the following day to make sure I was pain free. Indeed I was.

My second visit to him was about 6 months later for installing an implant in the opening left by the extracted tooth. This again was a 5-Star experience with no pain whatsoever after the anesthetic had worn off. Dr. Ghatnekar followed up the same evening to check on my comfort level and to reiterate the precautions to keep infection out and get the inflammation down. His second call the day after the post had been put in place was comforting and reassuring.

Today, his excellent assistant, Mina, who closely worked with him on both procedures removed the sutures with no discomfort and I now have the first part of the implant successfully in place.

Thank you Dr. Ghatnekar.

Ravi D.

Extremely thorough and detailed

Dr. Ghatnekar is great! He’s extremely thorough and detailed which made my experience comfortable. The staff is also very professional and friendly, so I definitely recommend him!

Anisha P.

He definitely takes extra care of his patients!

My experience with Dr Ghatnekar was amazing. He removed my wisdom teeth and referred me for root canal! The procedure was painless and very professional. Later he called me to make sure I was okay! He definitely takes extra care of his patients! I definitely plan to go back. I highly recommend him for any dental work!!!

Mainak D.

5 stars all the way!

I have been going to this dental office for over 25 years. The previous dentist was fantastic, so I was a bit apprehensive when Dr. Ghatnekar took over, but I have to say that he is every bit as good and just as friendly and amusing. He takes great care to make sure everything is comfortable, and answers all questions including laying out different treatment options.

Wendy has been the front office person for as long as I can remember and she is as friendly and helpful as anyone could ever be. The office is run like a well-oiled machine. In all the years, I have never been kept waiting for more than a minute or two, even when Wendy squeezed me in for an emergency visit. I have recommended “Dr G” to many people including my daughter who is now also a patient there. 5 stars all the way!

Larry K.

Dr. Ghatnekar is amazing and very thorough

I have been going to Dr. Ghatnekar for many years. Dr. Ghatnekar is amazing and very thorough. He will explain things to you so nicely and clearly. I was highly impressed by his explanation and even he has a dedicated mini conference room in his office. He advised me to move some of my teeth with the help of orthodontist and later on he would take over and put in three nice implants. My bite and life has improved, and I’ve got a smile on my face. Believe me, when I sent my after treatment pictures to my friends and other family members, they couldn’t believe. Thanks to Dr. Ghatnekar and his wonderful staff, and to his assistant Mina, who is also very meticulous. I would highly recommend this place for your dental needs. If there were more than five stars, I would add a few more.


I have been with Dr. Ghatnekar for over a year now (since he took over from the previous dentist). During that time my teeth required a couple of procedures (a filling, and crown replacement). Dr. Ghatnekar and his staff (Julie in particular, and Wendy in the front office) could not be better – they truly care about your comfort and well-being.

Dr. Ghatnekar goes out of his way to explain all that he is doing and to ensure that everything he does will be as painless as possible (and for those like me who really don’t like shots – he gives extremely good shots). Overall the office is extremely well run, well managed, and the dental work is fantastic!!!

As far as I’m concerned, I will be a patient there forever.

Greg C.

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