Dental implants are the best route for removing that gap because of your missing tooth. If you think that getting an extraction or a dental implant hurts, you are mistaken!

As a matter of fact, neither of the two are painful procedures, although slight discomfort is a given. Let’s check out why.

Does A Tooth Extraction Hurt More or a Dental Implant?

There is no cut-and-dried answer because every person has a different pain threshold and tolerance. Since dentists use anesthesia for both procedures, neither of them (tooth extraction or dental implant) hurts.

Also, the entire process depends on one’s severity as well. Usually, patients report less pain during implant surgery compared to wisdom tooth extraction procedures.

Dental Implants Discomfort

It is obvious that dental procedures are invasive. Thus, they do involve some amount of discomfort and pressure. However, minimal discomfort is felt due to anesthesia during implant procedures and most tooth extractions.

Suppose you need additional surgical procedures such as bone grafts or sinus lifting before getting a dental implant. In that case, you may experience a tad bit more discomfort or pain than the average simple implant patient because some surgical techniques cause more discomfort than others.

The good thing is that all these issues are weighed and factored in by oral surgeons as they plan for anesthesia to provide their patients with the best possible level of comfort.

There are two types of anesthesia first is local and second, general. The choice depends on the specific needs of every patient.

In local and general, there are further subdivisions of sedation techniques, ranging from oral sedatives to IV. Intravenous, or IV, is often set for those who are extensively sensitive to pain or prone to anxiety during dental procedures.

Discomfort Post Procedure

Some amount of pain and discomfort after placing dental implants is generally normal and inevitable in dental procedures. You may have to bear a cut in your gums (incisions) during the process, followed by minor bleeding at the implant site. This may cause some pain or discomfort as the effects of anesthesia wear off.

If your surgery is extensive, typically involving 2 to 3 hours, approximately minor bruising in the gums and face is normal, especially in patients who undergo bone grafting or sinus lifts. Other than bruises, your face may also have swelling in those areas.

Usually, OTC pain medications, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, are good enough to alleviate post-procedure discomfort and pain.

Of course, not every patient is the same or their procedures; therefore, so every person’s experience, to some extent, is also unique.

Most of the time, people who go for dental implants are fortunate enough to find that the entire surgery is much more comfortable than they think it would be.

Closing Quote

In a nutshell, neither of the two is painful; however, slight discomfort is common in both procedures. Know more about this by contacting an implant dentist from Irvine Family and Implant Dentistry in CA. You can find us at 2 Osborn Suite 130, Irvine, CA 92604, opposite Mardan school—Dial (949) 552-1380 to connect with us.

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