Have you recently got your tooth extracted- but the pain is still there? Toothache and all related issues can pose a lot of problems, and it’s not really done after it’s done. You thought it would be over, but nope, sometimes the elongated pain is not a part of the healing process. It can actually be the symptoms of a tooth infection!

A tooth is extracted due to various reasons- whether it be a tooth trauma or decay leading to extraction- and it is a standard dental procedure. After your tooth is extracted, it leaves behind a hole in its place. It is important that a blood clot forms there to guard against any infection-causing element. Without a blood clot, your tooth is quite vulnerable to infections. So, it is important that you follow all the instructions provided by your dentist.

Signs and Symptoms

In case you have a tooth extraction scheduled or have already had it done- let’s go through the possible signs of an infection. Bacteria can enter and infect the area where your tooth used to be if the hygiene and follow-up routine is not properly maintained. If you experience persistent foul breath after a few days of extraction, that is a major sign of an infection brewing in your ex-tooth hole, accompanied by red, swollen gums, bleeding after 24 hours, and increasing pain – to name the main reasons. If these symptoms occur after 24-hours of your tooth extraction, visit your dentist immediately. With oral health, nothing is to be ignored, so get an appointment to check for any possible signs of infection.

How does the infection after a tooth extraction start?

A common reason why some individuals get infected after tooth removal is smoking immediately after the surgery. Smoking makes it hard for your body to resist infection, and the sucking can dislodge the newly developing blood clot.

Brushing rigorously on the extraction site, sucking from straw, intense exercise, chewing hard-crunchy foods are some other causes of blood clot dislocation.

Home remedies

While you wait for your appointment, what you can do is salt water rinses. It is the most effective method of relieving pain. Dissolve some regular salt into lukewarm water and rinse your mouth with it as much as you can; it will help clean the debris out of your mouth. After you meet with your dentist, they will most probably check your tooth area for the cause of the problems and recommend antibiotics according to what is most suitable in your particular case.

Remember, do not neglect your oral health and keep your mouth clean, healthy, and infection-free!

Do you suspect a tooth infection?

If an infection has developed after getting your tooth extracted or you’re here just for general information, talk to our experts at Irvine Family & Implant Dentistry, a trusted dentist in Irvine. Any sort of oral infection is bad for your health and should be given immediate dental care. To schedule an appointment with a dentist in Irvine, call 949-552-1380.

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