Bump on gums also refer to the emergence of small lumps on your gum line. Multiple factors result in this condition, including poor oral hygiene, medications like antihistamines, and health conditions such as diabetes.

Regular cleaning of the oral cavity along with self-examination serves as an excellent tool for the identification of diseases when they are in initial stages. Let’s talk more about the bump on the gums.

Reasons For Bump On The Gums

Amongst the multiple causes, here are a few:

Boil on gums (Cystic)

A cyst is a small fluid or even air-filled sac that looks like a soft, painless lump on the gum but is not. In fact, these sacs are extremely discomforting on touch. Cysts are commonly found near the dead teeth’ roots. If the bump on the gums is left as it is and it grows, then they pressurize the neighboring teeth resulting in pain and weakness of the jawbone.

Dental Abscess

An abscess can pile up on any part of the mouth; on the gum line, it is named a periodontal abscess.

Periodontal abscess bump on the gums pops up if gingivitis is not treated. This is because of the bacterial load which adds up under the tooth or gum surface.

In such a case, your mouth suffers from excessive pain. Some other signs indicating this condition are:

  • Constant throbbing pain increases when you lie down
  • Soft, painless lump on the gum
  • Discomfort and pain impulses radiating to the ear and neck

Canker Sores

Canker sores grow mainly on the surface of your jawbone (gum line). They differ from cold sores and are not related to viruses. It is like a hard bump on the gums; harmless, yet needs attention to reduce discomfort and pain.


They are non-cancerous tumors, soft bumps on the gums on injured tissues. They are most likely seen in patients irritated by oral devices such as dentures.

What Is Pyogenic Granuloma?

If the swollen, solid lump bleeds out often, you may have pyogenic granuloma. Scientists have not yet discovered the main reason for this. For the time being, it is thought to be related to injury or irritation.

Mandibular Torus

Mandibular torus – a hard bone-like lump on the gum on jaw bones. They are relatively common, but the exact cause is yet to be known.

Mouth Cancer

Cancer in the mouth is categorized as oral cancer. It looks like a small mesh or thick skin when it hits the gums.

Bumps on Gums – Treatment

A gum boil is expected in the oral cavity, which lacks basic hygiene.Usually, the cause of their growth is food buildup, bacteria, and plaque attack.

Antibiotics are your best bet to clear up an infectious bump on the gums. Along with that, regular professional deep dental cleaning each quarterly shows greater oral health outcomes.


Maintenance is the key to good oral and overall health. Get in touch with the dentists from Jeevan Ghatnekar DDS for a complete checkup. Call to book an appointment.

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