Whenever we talk about oral health, the only thing that comes to mind is your teeth. Well, other essential structures are also present that need care; one of such is your gums. They are fragile mucosal tissues that serve to protect the teeth. They are pink and fleshy under normal conditions. But what if the gums turn white? Is that normal too?

No, white gums are not normal; therefore, if you spot white patches on them, talk to your dentist for a checkup. In this blog we have discussed some probable causes and FAQs related to your gums turning white.

White Gums – Causes

Some of the most common reasons for this issue include:


It is a condition that causes changes in the parts of your gums, turning them white. Leukoplakia presents itself with thick white patches encapsulating your gums, and the insides of your mouth like the tongue. Once your gums turn pale because of this condition, they cannot be rubbed or scrubbed off.

But, what is the main reason for this? The condition is basically a lifestyle habit repercussion. The habits that cause it include smoking and tobacco use, which lead to irritation inside the oral cavity.

Usually, leukoplakia white dots on the gums are harmless. However, it is a sign of trouble if white and red gum spots appear; it may be a sign of mouth cancer.

Teeth Whitening Methods

In some instances, certain methods for teeth whitening may also turn your gums white. It may or may not be a temporary side-effect of the chemicals used for whitening teeth. Sometimes, teeth whitening gels for procedures irritate the gums and cause chemical burns.


You have anemia if your body does not have enough healthy red cells circulating. Mainly, this issue results from iron and vitamin B13 deficiencies, Crohn’s disease, or celiac disease. Anemic patients have white patches on their gums.

Canker sores

Canker sores can develop anywhere in the mouth, mainly in tonsils as well as gums. These sores lead to irritation and pain, more so when using the mouth for eating or speaking. The sore on your gums may turn them.


Women undergoing menopause see changes in their gum color, from fleshy pink to white. The reason behind it is hormonal changes in this phase that affects appearance.

Menopausal gingivostomatitis is a common condition. The color of gums can either go paler or darker than usual and may also result in bleeding. Other than that, the signs or symptoms include sleeping pattern disturbance, mood swings, weight gain, and hot flashes.


It is a mild gum disease affecting around 50% of American citizens. The major cause of this is their ignorant attitude towards dental hygiene. The gums go red and swell, whereas teeth become loose; later on, the gums turn white and recede from the line as well.

Oral thrush

Yeast manifestation is the main cause of this raised white sore. The inner area of your cheeks, tongue, or gums can get affected by oral thrush.

Tooth extraction

The gum tissues surrounding the tooth extraction site may turn gums white. However, they will go back to their original tone and shape within some days.

Final Words

The treatment for pale gums widely depends on the underlying cause. Reach that and reverse the color and state of your gums to normal again with the help of a trusted Irvine dentist. Contact professionals from Dr. Jeevandas Ghatnekar’s clinical setup at (949) 552-1380 for more information.

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