Having wisdom teeth can be a painful ordeal — for most of us anyway. Firstly, the complications that come with it. Secondly, suppose you need a wisdom teeth extraction. In that case, although the recovery is quick, there are a few guidelines for wisdom teeth removal aftercare that you still need to follow to avoid any complications.

What are the side effects of wisdom teeth extraction?

First of all, let’s get you familiar with the side effects of wisdom tooth extraction:

  • Slight bleeding, especially on the first day.
  • Pain
  • Swelling

There is also a risk of infection, dry sockets, and damage to the jawbone, sinuses, and the nearby teeth. But you can prevent it if you follow aftercare tips for wisdom teeth removal.

Guidelines for Wisdom Teeth Removal Aftercare:

The procedure is not over after your dentist pulls your wisdom tooth out. You still need to take care of the extraction site and follow your dentist’s instructions. The guidelines for wisdom teeth removal aftercare include but are not limited to:

1. Rest
Try to relax and rest for the first few days. However, it doesn’t mean you should be bedridden; have adequate rest and avoid participating in activities that require a lot of your energy.

2. Elevate Your Head
Try to elevate your head before sleeping. As a result, your body will drain the fluid away from the site and reduce any chances of swelling.

3. Jaw Exercises
After a few days of the surgery and getting your dentist’s opinion, try doing some light jaw exercises. But remember, do not exercise for the first 24 to 48 hours, and it would be best if you avoided all strenuous physical activities.

4. Cold Compress or Ice Packs
Press cold compress or ice packs to your cheek outside the extraction site. Not only will it help with swelling, but it will also numb any pain that you might experience.

5. Keep The Site Clean
Use salt and lukewarm water mixture and gently swish it around your wisdom tooth extraction site. Soak the area in salt water to keep it clean and prevent infections. Also, remember to avoid swishing vigorously to avoid any damage to blood clots.

6. Medications
Your dentist will prescribe you antibiotics and other medications after your surgery to help you recover quickly. Thus, you should not miss a dose. Furthermore, you must take medications and complete the antibiotics course even after your discomfort goes.

7. Do Not Poke the Extraction Site.
Do not give in to that urge to poke or touch your extraction site, as it can result in a dry socket, bleeding, and delayed healing.

8. Eat Soft Foods After Wisdom Teeth Removal
The guideline for wisdom tooth removal aftercare also includes soft food. You can try soups, mashed potatoes, broths, Greek yogurt, and other options rich in minerals and vitamins to aid your recovery.

How long is the wisdom teeth removal recovery time?

It is usually around two weeks if you take care of it properly and follow all the instructions. However, you can continue your daily activities within a few days.


Sticking to aftercare steps is essential for your recovery. If you need a tooth extraction or have any queries regarding your wisdom teeth removal, consult Irvine Family & Implant Dentistry at 949-552-1380 or visit our website.

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